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Genomic DNA transposition induced by human PGBD5 (Accompanying Scripts for Computational Analyses)

Henaff, Elizabeth; Henssen, Anton; Mason, Christopher E.; Kentsis, Alex

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Henaff, Elizabeth

We include the bash scripts, python code and command-line parameters used to prepare, map, and analyze NGS sequencing data generated from a modified version of flanking sequence exponential anchored (FLEA) PCR to identify genomic insertion locations of a transposable element reporter construct. In summary, we map these reads to a hybrid genome consisting in the human reference hg19 and the reporter plasmid, identify reads that span the insertion breakpoint and thus recover the genomic insertion loci. 

Please find more details in the supplied README. 


This collection of scripts corresponds to the data analysis in the following publication:

Genomic DNA transposition induced by human PGBD5

Anton Henssen, Elizabeth Henaff, Eileen Jiang, Amy Eisenberg, Julianne R. Carson, Camila Villasante, Mondira Ray, Eric Still, Melissa Burns, Jorge Gandara, Cedric Feschotte, Christopher E. Mason, Alex Kentsis



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