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ahkab: Ahkab v 0.18

Giuseppe Venturini; Ian Daniher; endolith; Shahar Or

Changelog for v 0.18

Version 0.18 represents the culmination of almost two months of efforts, yet another step in the current time-based release scheme.

This release features support for the Fourier (.FOUR) and Fast Fourier Transform directives (.FFT). Piece-wise linear functions are also now supported in Python, with extra features like a repeat directory to enable periodicity.

Moreover, as in the previous releases, several commits were devoted to improving the documentation: you can find the new, improved documentation online at

Features added:
  • Add .FOUR and .FFT support
  • Add PWL waveforms (available from python only)
Backwards incompatible changes:
  • AC analyses are from now defined in Hz (compliant with SPICE). This also means that there is no omega (accessed through 'w') in the results set, it is now replaced by a frequency vector, expressed in Hz and accessed as 'f'.

User code can be usually easily fixed substituting 2*pi*r[w] with r[f] or the like. Sorry for any trouble this creates.

Changes from contributors and pull requests merged:


Bugs fixed, short list:

BUGFIX: Fix opening of files in system that do not default to utf-8 BUGFIX: Suppress error message on Windows BUGFIX: Use all assumptions, fix #32 BUGFIX: fix reading the netlist from stdin BUGFIX: Use different options for SH and BFPSS BUGFIX: no DC value -> return t=0 BUGFIX: convert to uppercase before comparison

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