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Cyber Criminology: Evolving a novel discipline with a new journal

Jaishankar, K


Cyber Criminology: Evolving a novel discipline with a new journal

K. Jaishankar

Cyberspace presents an exciting new frontier for criminologists. Virtual reality and computer mediated communications challenge the traditional discourse of criminology, introducing new forms of deviance, crime, and social control (McKenzie 1996). Since the 1990s, academics have observed how the cyberspace has emerged as a new locus of criminal activity (Thomas and Loader 2000; Littlewood 2003; Yar 2005), but in general, criminology has been remiss in its research into the phenomena of cyber crime and has been slow to recognize the importance of cyberspace in changing the nature and scope of offending and victimization (Mann and Sutton 1998; Jewkes 2006). A new, radical discipline named cyber criminology is the need of the hour to explain and analyze the crimes in the internet. The field of cyber criminology crystallizes for many Scientists and Social scientists an area of research at the interface between Computer Science, Internet Science and Criminology. I define cyber criminology as "the study of causation of crimes that occur in the cyberspace and its impact in the physical space”

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