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OpenAIRE Guidelines for CRIS Managers 1.0

Houssos, Nikos; Joerg, Brigitte; Dvořák, Jan

The Guidelines specify the interoperability layer between Current Research Information Systems (CRIS) and the OpenAIRE infrastructure. The information interchange is based on the Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) data model, the CERIF XML exchange format, and the OAI-PMH protocol. The Guidelines are intended mainly for implementers and administrators of CRIS who plan to communicate research information to OpenAIRE. OpenAIRE ( is the European infrastructure enabling researchers to comply with the European Union requirements for Open Access to research results. OpenAIRE collects metadata from a variety of data sources: publication repositories, data archives and CRIS across Europe and beyond. Interoperability guidelines are defined for each type of source. CERIF is a standard data model for research information and a recommendation by the European Union to its Member States. The custody of CERIF has been entrusted by the European Union to euroCRIS (, an international not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the interoperability of CRIS.


The Guidelines consist of the following files: Guidelines document: - OpenAIRE_Guidelines_for_CRIS_Managers_v.1.0.pdf OpenAIRE CERIF Semantics: - OpenAIRE_CERIF_Semantics_v.1.0.xlsx - OpenAIRE_CERIF_Semantics_v.1.0.xml OpenAIRE CERIF XML Schema: - cerif-1.6-2_openaire-1.0.xsd Examples: - openaire_cerif_xml_example_datasets.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_funding.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_orgunits.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_persons.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_projects.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_publications.xml - openaire_cerif_xml_example_services.xml
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cerif-1.6-2_openaire-1.0.xsd md5:8173d6255892e016525a9bc779e1325b 28.4 kB Download
OpenAIRE_CERIF_Semantics_v.1.0.xlsx md5:492212e5edd45a747b3cc95cb8e8d810 46.3 kB Download
OpenAIRE_CERIF_Semantics_v.1.0.xml md5:a058aab43791ab9899721af47a52d48f 120.9 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_datasets.xml md5:34d18f60ee7c9eab38d1ae35fb126a0a 8.3 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_funding.xml md5:ad1778459c44c56b431a9bfb4fb74862 11.9 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_orgunits.xml md5:939472485c942270ce80c7dfa55de5db 18.1 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_persons.xml md5:e85903840e2bf817cf737f7b67975998 35.8 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_projects.xml md5:1a681de8c373e4c1195f5346e1b1a620 20.6 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_publications.xml md5:60e735a89f6024e883110d8cd02528d1 20.7 kB Download
openaire_cerif_xml_example_services.xml md5:f6a8a15537e5f49e2366afb5dcf11034 5.1 kB Download
OpenAIRE_Guidelines_for_CRIS_Managers_v.1.0.pdf md5:6a142cb6e4cbd92af7c1571435c0c449 1.1 MB Download


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