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On the Scaphidiinae (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae) of the Lesser Sunda Islands

Löbl, Ivan

uploaded for Revue Suisse de Zoologie by Plazi

The scaphidiines of the Lesser Sunda Islands are reviewed. Among the 45 species found within examined collections, following are described as new: Baeocera badia sp. nov., B. baliensis sp. nov., B. barda sp. nov., B. basalis sp. nov., B. batukoqensis sp. nov., B. beata sp. nov., B. bella sp. nov., B. bifurcata sp. nov., B. bifurcilla sp. nov., B. bona sp. nov., B. brevis sp. nov., B. breviuscula sp. nov., Scaphisoma ablutum sp. nov., S. activum sp. nov., S. acutatum sp. nov., S. acutum sp. nov., S. adjunctum sp. nov., S. adscitum sp. nov., S. aequum sp. nov., S. aereum sp. nov., S. affabile sp. nov., S. affectum sp. nov., S. angulare sp. nov., S. animatum sp. nov., S. antennarum sp. nov., S. approximatum sp. nov., S. aspectums p. nov., Scaphobaeocera baliensis sp. nov., S. lombokensis sp. nov., Scaphoxium bilobum sp. nov., Xotidium bolmarums sp. nov. Scaphisoma gracilicorne Achard, 1920, S. sapitense Pic, 1915 and Scaphobaeocera kraepelini (Pic, 1933) are redescribed. Scaphisoma sapitense infasciatum Achard, 1920 and S. dansalanense Löbl, 1972 are placed in synonymy of S. luteomaculatum Pic, 1915. Lectotypes are designated for Scaphisoma gracilicorne Achard, 1920, S. luteomaculatum Pic, 1915, S. sapitense Pic, 1915, S. infasciatum Achard, 1920, S. testaceomaculatum (Pic, 1915), S. subelongatum (Pic, 1915) and Scaphobaeocera kraepelini (Pic, 1933). Keys to species of Baeocera, Scaphisoma, and Scaphobaeocera known from the Lesser Sundas, and a key to the world species of Xotidium are provided.
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