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sjstats: Statistical Functions for Regression Models.

Daniel Lüdecke


  • Reduce package dependencies.

New functions

  • wtd_ttest() to compute a weighted t-test.
  • wtd_mwu() to compute a weighted Mann-Whitney-U or Kruskal-Wallis test.

Changes to functions

  • robust() was revised, getting more arguments to specify different types of covariance-matrix estimation, and handling these more flexible.
  • Improved print()-method for tidy_stan() for brmsfit-objects with categorical-families.
  • se() now also computes standard errors for relative frequencies (proportions) of a vector.
  • r2() now also computes r-squared values for glmmTMB-models from genpois-families.
  • r2() gives more precise warnings for non-supported model-families.
  • xtab_statistics() gets a weights-argument, to compute measures of association for contingency tables for weighted data.
  • The statistics-argument in xtab_statistics() gets a "fisher"-option, to force Fisher's Exact Test to be used.
  • Improved variance calculation in icc() for generalized linear mixed models with Poisson or negative binomial families.
  • icc() gets an adjusted-argument, to calculate the adjusted and conditional ICC for mixed models.
  • To get consistent argument names accross functions, argument is now deprecated and renamed into weights.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issues with effect size computation for repeated-measure Anova when using bootstrapping to compute confidence intervals.
  • grpmean() now also adjusts the n-columm for weighted data.
  • icc(), re_var() and get_re_var() now correctly compute the random-effect-variances for models with multiple random slopes per random effect term (e.g., (1 + rs1 + rs2 | grp)).
  • Fix issues in tidy_stan(), mcse(), hdi() and n_eff() for stan_polr()-models.
  • Plotting equi_test() did not work for intercept-only models.
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