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ropensci/visdat: The Northern Lights Moonwalker

Nicholas Tierney; Jennifer (Jenny) Bryan; Sean Hughes; Noam Ross; Mara Averick; Stuart Lee; Maëlle Salmon; Carson Sievert

New Features

  • vis_compare() for comparing two dataframes of the same dimensions
  • vis_expect() for visualising where certain values of expectations occur in the data
    • Added NA colours to vis_expect
    • Added show_perc arg to vis_expect to show the percentage of expectations that are TRUE. #73
  • vis_cor to visualise correlations in a dataframe
  • vis_guess() for displaying the likely type for each cell in a dataframe
  • Added draft vis_expect to make it easy to look at certain appearances of numbers in your data.
  • visdat is now under the rOpenSci github repository
Minor Changes
  • added CITATION for visdat to cite the JOSS article
  • updated options for vis_cor to use argument na_action not use_op.
  • cleaned up the organisation of the files and internal functions
  • Added appropriate legend and x axis for vis_miss_ly - thanks to Stuart Lee
  • Updated the for JOSS
  • Updated some old links in doco
  • Added Sean Hughes and Mara Averick to the DESCRIPTION with ctb.
  • Minor changes to the paper for JOSS
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug reported in #75 where vis_dat(diamonds) errored seq_len(nrow(x)) inside internal function vis_gather_, used to calculate the row numbers. Using mutate(rows = dplyr::row_number()) solved the issue.

  • Fix bug reported in #72 where vis_miss errored when one column was given to it. This was an issue with using limits inside scale_x_discrete - which is used to order the columns of the data. It is not necessary to order one column of data, so I created an if-else to avoid this step and return the plot early.

  • Fix visdat x axis alignment when show_perc_col = FALSE - #82

  • fix visdat x axis alignment - issue 57

  • fix bug where the column percentage missing would print to be NA when it was exactly equal to 0.1% missing. - issue 62
  • vis_cor didn't gather variables for plotting appropriately - now fixed

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