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Dataset associated with "Quantitative analysis reveals the basic behavioural repertoire of the urochordate Ciona intestinalis."

Jerneja Rudolf, Daniel Dondorp

This dataset contains the data used in the publication “Quantitative analysis reveals the basic behavioural repertoire of the early branching chordate Ciona intestinalis.”. It is available in .hdf format which can be opened with the pandas library in python.

The dataframe is structured as one row of descriptive parameters per tracked trace, but one entry in the row is an entire dataframe containing all data for observations per tracked point for the respective trace. 

Parameter descriptions:

chor: Wether an animal is with chorion ("C") or dechorionated ("D")
age: Age of animal expressed in hours post hatching
video: Name of video file associated with trace
light: Which light stimulus was used.
fps: framerate of video
temp: temperature the experiment was performed at
crowdsize: number of animals in well
modafinil: concentration of modafinil used
lazy:  boolean. True if an animal did not move more than a threshold value. Lazy/Dead/Immobile/Stuck animals were discarded from analysis.
tto: Thigmotaxis defined in percentage of time spent in thigmotactic area.
tdo: Thigmotaxis defined in percentage of distance covered in thigmotactic area.
ac: activity coeffiecient. Fraction of video where the animal had a speed of a threshold or higher.
complexity: Path complexity expressed in bits of entropy
dfs: Dataframes decribing the trace coordinate by coordinate.

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