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Lifespan and fecundity data for: The evolutionary potential of diet-dependent effects on lifespan and fecundity in a multi-parental population of Drosophila melanogaster

Ng'oma, Enoch; Fidelis, Wilton; Middleton, Kevin M.; King, Elizabeth G.

This repository contains 3 original data files for a study of heritability in a half-sibling design of outbred multi-parent population of Drosophila melanogaster treated with 3 nutritional conditions.


1) lifespan_only.xlsx contains lifespan records.


setDate, start date

flipDate, observation date

days, age

fID, identity of line

repl, replicate number

treat, diet treatment (HS=high sugar, STD=standard, LY=low yeast)

NstartF, starting number of females

NstartM, starting number of males

box, ccord, rcoord are position coordinates of a vial in a holding box

deadF, number of female dead

deadM, number of males dead

cens, censored events

carriedF, dead females that flip to a new food vial

carriedM, dead males that flip to a new food vial

flipper initials of observer

time, time in which 108 vials were flipped.


2) feclife_with-image-ids.xlsx - lifespan observation vials are matched with a specific image of eggs collected at a specific day (once a week).


cameraid, image id assigned by the camera

handcounted, images counted by hand

handcount, number of eggs on an image counted by hand

training_set, images that were used to develop and test a prediction model

drop_from_lifespan & visually_recheck, quality control.


3) egg_images.tgz - all original images. Each image represent fecundity from a single vial at a specific date (in feclife_with-image-ids.xlsx ). The images have been cropped to remove the excess area outside the egg disc. The area outside the circular disc has been converted to black to peripheral eliminate noise.

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