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Mapelia and friends

Jordi Burguet-Castell

This software was created to help with the development of 3D models of planets, moons and so on, used in the non-profit project A Touch of The Universe on educational astronomy.

There are several programs related to images of maps and 3D files:

  • mapelia - convert maps into 3D figures with reliefs.
  • guapelia - optional GUI to use mapelia.
  • pintelia - convert maps into colored 3D figures.
  • poligoniza - form faces (polygons) from 3D points.
  • stl-split - split a 3D globe into the north and south hemispheres.

The images are jpg or png files that contain maps (that is, gridded datasets where the value of each pixel is the elevation) in any of the following projections: equirectangularMercatorcentral cylindricalMollweide or sinusoidal.

The output of the programs are 3D files (of polygons like ply or stl, or points in space like asc), that can be visualized and manipulated with programs like MeshLab or Blender.

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