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Growth temperatures for 21,498 microorganisms

Engqvist, Martin Karl Magnus

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Engqvist, Martin Karl Magnus

This dataset contains species names and growth temperatures for 21,498 microorganisms (archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes). The dataset has been described in a bioRxiv paper (, please cite both the paper as well as the DOI of this dataset if you make use of the data.


The data in the .tsv flat-file file is tab-delimited. Strain designations have explicitly been removed from the species names. Temperatures are given in degrees Celsius. Additional information given for each strain include: which domain (superkingdom) the organism belongs to, the organisms taxonomic identifier, taxonomic lineage as text, as well as the taxonomic lineage parsed into the categories superkingdom phylum, class, order, family, genus. Taxonomy is based on the NCBI taxonomic database, which is not authoritative, and may therefore contain errors. Missing values are indicated by NA.

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