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Matplotlib version 1.4.0

Michael Droettboom; John Hunter; Eric Firing; Thomas A Caswell; Darren Dale; Jae-Joon Lee; Phil Elson; Damon McDougall; Andrew Straw; Benjamin Root; Jouni K. Seppänen; Ryan May; Varoquaux; Tony S Yu; Charlie Moad; cgohlke; Jens H Nielsen; Paul Ivanov; Jeff Whitaker; Matt Giuca; Paul Hobson; mmetz-bn; James Evans; Ian Thomas; NNemec; jaytmiller; endolith; Cimarron; Tobias Megies; Peter Würtz

This release has contributions from ~170 authors (

This release contains many bug fixes as will as a number of new features. For the full list see Some highlights are:

  • style module : experimental package to make managing the style of matplotlib figures easier
  • nbagg : interactive figures in ipython notebooks backed by the AGG renderer
  • full python 3 support (including cairo backends)
  • Qt5 support (for python 3 only)
  • violin plots and 3D quiver plots (projects done for a course at University of Toronto, Scarborough)
  • improved box plot interface

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