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Multiple Sound Source Location Estimation in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks using DOA estimates: The Data-Association Problem

Alexandridis, Anastasios; Mouchtaris, Athanasios

In this work, we consider the data-association problem for the localization of multiple sound sources in a wireless acoustic sensor network (WASN), where each node is a microphone array, using direction of arrival (DOA) estimates. The data-association problem arises because the central node that receives the multiple DOA estimates from the nodes cannot know to which source they belong. Hence, the DOAs from the different nodes that correspond to the same source must be found in order to perform accurate localization. We present a method to identify the correct association of DOAs to the sources and thus accurately estimate their locations. Our method results in high association and localization accuracy in realistic scenarios with missed detections, reverberation, noise, and moving sources and outperforms other recently proposed methods. It also incorporates a bitrate reduction scheme in order to keep the amount of information that needs to be transmitted in the network at low levels without affecting performance.

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