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Development of Web-Based Remote Desktop to Provide Adaptive User Interfaces in Cloud Platform

Shuen-Tai Wang; Hsi-Ya Chang

Cloud virtualization technologies are becoming more
and more prevalent, cloud users usually encounter the problem of how
to access to the virtualized remote desktops easily over the web
without requiring the installation of special clients. To resolve this
issue, we took advantage of the HTML5 technology and developed
web-based remote desktop. It permits users to access the terminal
which running in our cloud platform from anywhere. We implemented
a sketch of web interface following the cloud computing concept that
seeks to enable collaboration and communication among users for
high performance computing. Given the development of remote
desktop virtualization, it allows to shift the user’s desktop from the
traditional PC environment to the cloud platform, which is stored on a
remote virtual machine rather than locally. This proposed effort has
the potential to positively provide an efficient, resilience and elastic
environment for online cloud service. This is also made possible by the
low administrative costs as well as relatively inexpensive end-user
terminals and reduced energy expenses.

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