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kbenoit/quanteda: CRAN v0.99.22

Kenneth Benoit; Kohei Watanabe; Paul Nulty; Haiyan Wang; Adam Obeng; Stefan Müller; Benjamin Lauderdale; Aki Matsuo; Will Lowe; Pablo Barberá; Christopher Gandrud; Tyler Rinker; Christian Mueller; tpaskhalis; mark padgham; hofaichan; hotzeplotz; Thomas J. Leeper; Stas Malavin; Michael Chirico

New Features

  • tokens_segment() has a new window argument, permitting selection within an asymmetric window around the pattern of selection. (#521)
  • tokens_replace() now allows token types to be substituted directly and quickly.
  • Added a spacy_parse method for corpus objects. Also restored quanteda methods for spacyr spacy_parsed objects.
Bug fixes and stability enhancements
  • Improved documentation for textmodel_nb() (#1010), and made output quantities from the fitted NB model regular matrix objects instead of Matrix classes.
Behaviour Changes
  • All of the deprecated functions are now removed. (#991)
  • tokens_group() is now significantly faster.
  • The deprecated "list of characters" tokenize() function and all methods associated with the tokenizedTexts object types have been removed.
  • Added convenience functions for keeping tokens or features: tokens_keep(), dfm_keep(), and fcm_keep(). (#1037)
  • textmodel_NB() has been replaced by textmodel_nb().

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