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César Souza; Alex Cross; Anders Gustafsson; Marcos Diego Catalano; Stig Voss; Hashem Zavvari; Ashley Messer; Nikolas Markou; fo40225; Andriy; Andrew Kirillov; Wang Hongqi; Rafael Temer; Darren Schroeder; Konstantin Lukaschenko; Ivan Pizhenko; Milos Simic; Brad Phelan; Mikkel Porse Rasmussen; Masoud; Ed Hubbell; Ben Collins; Artem Zinenko; Francesco; Doug Blank; David Durrleman; Brian Song; Bill Staib; Alejandro Pérez; Stefan

Accord.NET Framework 3.8.0 release notes


Version updates and fixes:

  • GH-82: Add support for weighted PCA;
  • GH-127: Fast KMeans (Request);
  • GH-145: MovingNormalStatistics;
  • GH-157: Issue in Survival analysis using VB.NET;
  • GH-184: Add an Example for Graylevel coocurrences;
  • GH-211: Any samples on how to use Boosted Decision Trees;
  • GH-257: DFT functions in AForge.Math.FourierTransform and Accord.Math.Transforms;
  • GH-262: C45Learning Discrete vs Real;
  • GH-374: Dictionary of video capabilities doesn't take into account the video framerate;
  • GH-376: Add an Example for VideoCaptureDevice Class;
  • GH-377: Add an Example for LevenbergMarquardt Class;
  • GH-415: Add an Example for AdaBoost(TModel);
  • GH-421: Add an Example for KalmanFilter2D Class;
  • GH-422: Add an Example for DecisionStump.Learn Method;
  • GH-424: Add an Example for AdaBoost(TModel) Class;
  • GH-430: Add an Example for GeneralConfusionMatrix Constructor (Int32, Int32[], Int32[]);
  • GH-440: BagOfWords for audio signals;
  • GH-441: Add Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCC);
  • GH-466: Add an Example for Distance.Mahalanobis Method (Double[], Double[]);
  • GH-467: Add an Example for Spline Class;
  • GH-473: Add an Example for IParallel.ParallelOptions Property;
  • GH-476: Add an Example for TwoWayAnova Constructor (Double[][][], TwoWayAnovaModel);
  • GH-483: Add an Example for Haralick Class;
  • GH-486: Add an Example for LibSvmModel.Save Method (String);
  • GH-498: Add an Example for QLearning Class;
  • GH-500: Add an Example for FourierTransform2.FFT Method (Complex[], FourierTransform.Direction);
  • GH-505: Add an Example for ConfusionMatrix Constructor (Int32[], Int32[], Int32, Int32);
  • GH-517: Add an Example for Sarsa Class;
  • GH-519: Add an Example for NelderMead Class;
  • GH-530: Add an Example for Matrix.Inverse Method (Double[][]);
  • GH-532: Add an Example for GaussNewton Class;
  • GH-547: Add an Example for HaralickDescriptor Class;
  • GH-554: Add an Example for BinaryTree(TNode) Class;
  • GH-557: Add an Example for Matrix.Sort(TKey, TValue) Method (TKey[], TValue[,], IComparer(TKey));
  • GH-560: Add an Example for FourierTransform2.FFT Method (Double[], Double[], FourierTransform.Direction);
  • GH-566: Add an Example for Distance.GetDistance(T) Method;
  • GH-569: Add an Example for Distance.Euclidean Method (Double, Double, Double, Double);
  • GH-575: Add an Example for LuDecomposition Class;
  • GH-576: RandomForestLearning: Examples can't run with SampleRatio not equal 1.0;
  • GH-582: Add an Example for Matrix.Multiply Method (Double[], Double[,]);
  • GH-610: Add an Example for UnivariateContinuousDistribution.Fit Method (Double[]);
  • GH-616: Add an Example for LevenbergMarquardt Class;
  • GH-618: Add an Example for Apriori Class;
  • GH-629: Add an Example for AdaBoost(TModel) Class;
  • GH-636: Add an Example for Measures.Correlation Method (Double[][]);
  • GH-640: Add an Example for GaussianKernel Class;
  • GH-642: Add an Example for Matrix.PseudoInverse Method (Decimal[,]);
  • GH-653: Add an Example for HistogramsOfOrientedGradients Class;
  • GH-656: Add an Example for MatReader.Read Method (String);
  • GH-660: Add an Example for LogLikelihoodLoss Class;
  • GH-665: Add an Example for FourierTransform.FFT Method;
  • GH-687: Add an Example for ShapiroWilkTest Class;
  • GH-695: Add an Example for TFIDF.Transform Method (String[][]);
  • GH-703: Add an Example for Imputation Class;
  • GH-717: Possible issue with DynamicTimeWarp kernel class;
  • GH-718: Add an Example for Cosine.Distance Method;
  • GH-723: Procrustes analysis is giving weird/wrong results;
  • GH-727: Add an Example for IRadialBasisKernel Interface;
  • GH-730: Binary-Split with normalized FREAK;
  • GH-739: Add an Example for MultipleLinearRegression.CoefficientOfDetermination Method;
  • GH-756: Add an Example for ProportionalHazardsAnalysis.LogLikelihood Property;
  • GH-764: Add an Example for AndersonDarlingTest Class;
  • GH-769: Issue using visual bag of words with large images;
  • GH-783: Add an Example for LocalBinaryPattern Class;
  • GH-785: Add an Example for Tools.RandomGroups Method (Int32, Double);
  • GH-787: Add an Example for HiddenMarkovModel(TDistribution, TObservation).Predict Method (TObservation[]);
  • GH-789: Add support for OS X;
  • GH-792: Add an Example for FisherExactTest Class;
  • GH-793: Add an Example for HoughLineTransformation Class;
  • GH-798: System.AccessViolationException in FastBoxBlur;
  • GH-800: Missing dependency for Accord.Neuro in NuGet;
  • GH-802: Index outside of the bounds of the array in Naive Bayes;
  • GH-803: NaN probabilities from large features with MultinomialLogisticRegression;
  • GH-805: Unsafe keyword being exposed in the public API;
  • GH-807: Add an Example for CrossValidating NaiveBayes;
  • GH-809: The Codification filter should honor the value of DefaultMissingValueReplacement unless overriden;
  • GH-811: Naive Bayes should provide better argument checking for negative symbols;
  • GH-812: ZhangSuenSkeletonization filter not exist to use;
  • GH-814: Add an Example for MulticlassSupportVectorMachine(TKernel, TInput) Class;
  • GH-818: Add an Example for LinearConstraint Class;
  • GH-819: Quadratic Objective Function to support basic vector operations;
  • GH-820: Augmented Lagrangian to support linear constraints;
  • GH-824: Improve number of class inference in ZeroOneLoss;
  • GH-825: Replace multi-dimentional with jagged arrays in IntegralImage.cs;
  • GH-828: Accord.Neuro under .Net Standard 2.0;
  • GH-830: Read PGM image pending;
  • GH-831: Index outside of the bounds of the array in Naive Bayes;
  • GH-843: Where is Accord.NET AdaBoost Decide method;
  • GH-845: Add an Example for Decision Structure;
  • GH-848: Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test for PAIRED samples: TwoSampleWilcoxonSignedRankTest;
  • GH-849: TwoSampleWilcoxonSignedRankTest crashing when sample vectors are exactly the same values;
  • GH-852: Add an Example for DecisionSet Class;
  • GH-853: Access to last Hessian in BoundedBroydenFletcherGoldfarbShanno;
  • GH-856: Add an overload to IsSymmetric that accepts a tolerance;
  • GH-857: Mann-Whitney-U Test producing strange results;
  • GH-862: Accord.Math -> Vector -> T[] Sample<T>(T[] values, int size) incorrect;
  • GH-865: Measures.Quartiles: value for Q1 (lower quartile) wrong in QuantileMethod.R;
  • GH-873: Add an Example for DecisionRule Class;
  • GH-876: Allow the maximum frame rate possible in DirectShow for VideoCaptureDevice;
  • GH-877: Add an Example for HaarCascadeWriter Class;
  • GH-878: Accord.Math.Transforms.FourierTransform2.DFT2 Is bugged;
  • GH-882: Adding lazy evaluation to matrix decompositions;
  • GH-885: Add an Example for Signal.GetEnergy Method;
  • GH-890: Add an Example for MultinomialLogisticRegressionAnalysis Class;
  • GH-897: Wrong status text in ImageView from DebugVisualizer;
  • GH-898: The Range method is producing some unexpected results;
  • GH-899: Add an Example for IntegralImage2 Class;
  • GH-900: Add an Example for ExhaustiveTemplateMatching Class;
  • GH-901: Add an Example for HSL Class;
  • GH-911: Character case of folder name;
  • GH-913: KNearestNeighbors can not be serialized;
  • GH-917: Two C++ projects require "Platform toolset v141" which is only available on VS2017;
  • GH-919: Build failed for Samples.sln on VS 2015;
  • GH-921: Fix for the normal random number generator when a seed is specified;
  • GH-924, GH-925: Fixing the seeded exponential generator;
  • GH-927: Broadcasting dimension seems counter-intuitive;
  • GH-929: Add an Example for SpeededUpRobustFeaturesDescriptor Class;
  • GH-930: Add an Example for FastCornersDetector Class;
  • GH-931: Add an Example for MatchingTracker Class;
  • GH-937: Add an Example for LogisticRegression Class;
  • GH-948: Accord.Video.FFMPEG.VideoFileReader should provide frame-based random access;
  • GH-949: Add the Free Spoken Digits Dataset to Accord.DataSets;
  • GH-950: Add a dataset for example test videos;
  • GH-955: KalmanFilter2D throws System.NullReferenceException;
  • GH-956: Integrate AForge.NET fixes (up to September 6);
  • General

    • The libsonly script is now in RAR4 format instead of RAR5 so they will not be listed as corrupted files by Linux/MacOSX decompressors;
  • Core

    • Splitting ITransform into ITransform and ICovariantTransform (to support generic covariance);
  • Video.FFMPEG

    • Standardizing the C++ projects to depend on VS2015 runtime instead of VS2017 to keep compatibility with VS2015;
    • Adding a static constructor in the FFMPEG project to check whether the system has those dependencies installed;
  • Audio

    • Adding the initial version for a MelFrequencyCepstrumCoefficients audio feature extractor;
    • Adding a IAudioFeatureExtractor interface (akin to the IImageFeatureExtractor for Accord.Imaging);
    • Adding a Mono filter to convert multi-channel audio signals into single channel (mono) signals;
    • Adding a Signal.FromFile() method to load audio signals from file similarly to Bitmap.FromFile();
    • Adding an AudioDecoder class akin to ImageDecoder to find audio format decoders based on file extension;
  • Audition

    • Adding BagOfAudioWords class to compute bag-of-word representations from audio signals;
  • Imaging

    • Adding support for decoding PNM files in format P2 and P3 (besides the already supported P5 and P6);
    • Updating Haralick's to use the same normalization method as HOG and LBP;
    • Updating the color classes (RGB, HSL, YCbCr) to be structs;
    • Adding conversion operators between different color classes;
    • Updating ImageDecoder to find decoders using reflection instead of manual registration;
    • Updating the feature extraction framelet to implement the ITransform interfaces and deprecating IFeatureDetector;
    • Updating all feature descriptors to be classes rather than structs so the generics covariance can work;
    • Integrating AForge.NET's texture generation classes: Adding a base class for texture generation methods, updating them to use the framework-wide random number generator, and deprecating their Reset method;
  • DataSets:

    • Adding the Yin-Yang dataset as an example of a non-linear 2D binary classification problem;
    • Adding the Servo dataset as an example of a mixed discrete/continuous dataset for regression;
  • Math

    • Adding a methods for the numerical calculation of the Hessian in the FiniteDifferences class;
    • Updating Vector.Interval and Vector.Range to behave similar to NumPy's linspance and arange functions;
    • Adding new overloads in element-wise operations that accept a VectorType enumeration instead of a integer for specifying to which dimension the element-wise operation should be performed;
    • Updating the Digamma and Trigamma functions to handle negative values;
  • MachineLearning

    • Updating the AdaBoost classes to implement the more recent classification framelet;
    • Adding a Error property in ConfusionMatrix and GeneralConfusionMatrix (1.0 - Accuracy);
    • Adding named constructors to ConfusionMatrix to create matrices directly from classifiers, their inputs and expected outputs;
    • Adding a new IsColor8bpp extension method to detect whether an 8-bpp image is a color image (non-grayscale);
    • Adding a new ConvertColor8bppToGrayscale8bpp extension methods to convert these into grayscale 8-bpp images;
    • Fixing Codification filter transformation for DataTables when only some columns should be converted;
    • NumberOfOutputs and NumberOfSymbols should have different implementations depending on the variable type;
    • Enforcing alphabetical/default sorted order for symbols in Codification filter (this is a breaking change);
    • Codification filter should now transform columns in the same order as specified by the user;
  • Statistics

    • Adding exponentially weighted moving average (ewma) methods in Statistics.Measures partial classes;

    • Sample applications

      • Adding a new sample application demonstrating how to use the framework in Unity 3D.
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