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NeuroAnatomy Toolbox v1.5.2

Jefferis, Gregory S.X.E.; Manton, James D.

nat v1.5.2

This is the current stable release on github. Changes since the last stable release on CRAN (v1.4.10) are detailed below.

Changes in version 1.5.2:

  • add seglengths function for neurons
  • add segmentgraph function to produced a simplified graph representation of neurons with one edge per segment
  • add potential_synapses.dotprops method
  • add as.seglist.neuron method
  • teach plot3d.hxsurf and subset.hxsurf to accept regexes
  • always drop unused vertices in as.mesh3d.hxsurf
  • fix bug in write.neurons when subdir not specified
  • fix colouring of vectors by plot3d.dotprops
  • dev: switch to roxygygen2 v4

Changes in version 1.5.1:

  • add potential_synapses (from
  • surfaces: add subset.hxsurf and as.mesh3d
  • Teach read.im3d to read Vaa3d raw format
  • add plot.neuronlist (for 2d plotting)
  • add c.neuronlist function to combine neuronlists
  • add db argument to plot3d.character
  • make WithNodes=FALSE the default for plot3d.neuronlist
  • make asp=1 the default for image.im3d
  • write.cmtkreg warns if versions specified by cmtkreg attribute and argument differ (to avoid writing old registrations as if they were new or vice versa)
  • fix: prune.neuronlist method signature (and therefore dispatch)
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