Space Physics and Aeronomy

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Space Physics and Aeronomy

Space Physics: Aeronomy.

  • Scientific study of the upper atmosphere of Earth and other planets, including comets.
  • Heliospheric studies
  • Stellar and exoplanet science: for example, aurora on exoplanets and in general topics that would fall under space physics in our own solar system

Note that this is not a general Astronomy, Cosmology, String Theory, et al group.

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A typical work for this community is one that would go into JGR: Space Physics, IEEE TGRS, AGU Earth and Space Science, the CEDAR Workshop or GEM workshopAGU Fall Meeting SPA section, EGU, URSI or similar in geospace. Perhaps you have a dataset, program, notes, white paper, manuscript, abstract, etc. in this topic area.

Please consider if your work is more oriented towards Astronomy. For example, if your work is about discovering exoplanets via Doppler spectroscopy of stellar spectrum, maybe it's more Astronomy-oriented. If your work is about aurora or magnetospheres of exoplanets, or even intergalactic magnetic fields, then perhaps it would belong in this community.

Please feel free to send a note to the Space Physics curation team if you're not sure if your work fits here or you don't understand why a work was rejected. Note that rejected works still show in Zenodo, just not in this community.

July 7, 2016
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