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MarXiv repository for ocean and marine-climate science

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MarXiv repository for ocean and marine-climate science

Ocean managers, policymakers, and NGOs routinely face barriers to scientific knowledge: they simply can't afford costly subscriptions to traditional peer-reviewed academic journals. Studies have found that these financial barriers result in less primary science being used in on-the-ground environmental management plans.

MarXiv offers a way to increase access to pay-walled academic literature in a legal manner. An author who retains copyright on their submitted manuscript, known colloquially as a preprint, may upload the manuscript to the MarXiv community on Zenodo. Anyone may then download and read the preprint free of charge, legally, forever.

Make sure your research is accessible by those who need it to help our oceans: share your work in the MarXiv community on Zenodo now!

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You must have the legal rights (copyright) to share your work in MarXiv. Your Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) is the best place to look for the specific rights you have kept, if you have published your work with a traditional publisher already. Please ensure all coauthors have been notified, and agree to, submission. Works will be rejected from MarXiv if there is evidence of misconduct, including but not limited to: plagiarism, falsification, and/or copyright violation.

February 19, 2019
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