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Diapix task

The diapix task was developed to elicit spontaneous speech interactions produced with communicative intent from pairs of talkers. It is a simple problem-solving ‘spot the difference’ picture task which has successfully been used with participants aged 8 to 85 and with both native and non-native talkers. Diapix was first developed at Northwestern University by Ann Bradlow and her team (Van Engen et al, 2010) and used in the recording of the Wildcat Corpus. The task was then further developed by Baker and Hazan (2011) who designed the DiapixUK materials comprising 12 well-controlled picture pairs. The DiapixUK materials have been used extensively by Hazan and her team in the recording of their LUCID corpora, and have also been used by a wide range of researchers worldwide. Adaptations of the DiapixUK pictures have been made for use in a number of different language environments (e.g. Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Swedish). The aim of this repository is to give easy access to as many versions of diapix as possible, as well as to key papers reporting research carried out with the diapix task.


Baker, R., and Hazan, V. (2011). DiapixUK: Task materials for the elicitation of multiple spontaneous speech dialogs. Behavior Research Methods Instrumentation 43, 761–770. https://doi.org/10.3758/s13428-011-0075-y

Van Engen, K. J., Baese-Berk, M., Baker, R. E., Choi, A., Kim, M., & Bradlow, A. R. (2010). The Wildcat Corpus of native- and foreign-accented English: communicative efficiency across conversational dyads with varying language alignment profiles. Language and speech, 53(Pt 4), 510–540. https://doi.org/10.1177/0023830910372495

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This repository will accept adaptations of the DiapixUK picture materials for use with participants of different language backgrounds. 

March 10, 2020
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