Computational Audiology

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Computational Audiology

The aim of this community is to share data, code and tools useful for computational audiology and related fields such as digital hearing health care and AI in health care. 

Resources will be integrated via in order to make the data, code and tools easier to find for researchers and clinicians.


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Based on the curation policy from Research Compendium (

This community does not require a formal review of the claims and contributions. Sharing deposits may facilitate reproducing results. The following criteria are recommended (based on the resource listed below):

  • The research compendium is encouraged to be associated with a manuscript or talk slides published with a globally unique identifier (i.e. a DOI). This can be a journal, pre-print platform, file repository, or the manuscript may be included in the compendium directly. This external document must cite the compendium by its DOI, and be referenced under the "Related identifiers" section in the Zenodo deposit metadata: with the relation "is cited by" (obligatory), and one of the relations "is supplemented by this upload" or "is compiled/created by this upload".
  • The author(s) of the research compendium should have an ORCID identifier. 
  • The research compendium should include documentation on how to reproduce the work or includes a literate programming document (R Markdown file, Jupyter Notebook).
  • The research compendium must have one of the "Open" access rights licenses in the Zenodo metadata; it should state licensing information separately for the parts of the compendium (code, data, text) and easy to find (e.g. in a file "LICENSE", in a README, or in the deposit description).
  • As such the research compendium should be as self-contained as possible, i.e. instructions should not only be a reference to the associated manuscript. It should also contain information about the versions of used software, either within the metadata of compendium or in the associated README. 

Recommended resources (copied from  


February 28, 2021
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