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  • 1. currently is working in Wachamo University College of Health Sciences School of Medicine, Department of Dentistry as Head and Expert Dental Surgeon
  • 2. Oral & Maxillofacial Pathologist, currently working as a Professor in the School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, Wachemo University, Hosanna, Ethiopia


Courses in human anatomy and physiology provide both students and instructors intriguing and difficult tasks. The study of anatomy and physiology requires students to obtain fundamental anatomical and physiological knowledge, but it's also critical that they develop the skills necessary to apply their knowledge to practical, real-world situations. It is impossible for pupils to learn all of the available information on anatomy and physiology. For teachers and authors, choosing the most crucial knowledge to impart a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology and to provide students with the skills to handle problems successfully is a huge task. The study of the human body's structure is known as anatomy. The phrase is typically used to the human anatomy when used without qualifier. Indirectly, the word comes from the Greek anatomy, which is made up of the two terms ana, which means "up," and tome, which means "a cutting" (compare the words tome, microtome, and epitome).

The word "dissection" is the Latin equivalent of the Greek word "anatomy" from an etymological standpoint (dis-, meaning "asunder," and section, meaning "to cut"). In the introduction to his Vesalius stated that anatomy "should rightly be regarded as the firm foundation of the whole art of medicine and its essential preliminary." Additionally, learning about anatomy exposes a student to the majority of medical jargon.  The setting for the events is what anatomy "is to physiology as geography is to history" (Femel). Although structure is the main focus of anatomy, structure and function should also be taken into account. Additionally, emphasis should be made on the anatomy of the living body using surface and radiological anatomy.





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