Published August 20, 2023 | Version v4.0.11
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ropensci/nasapower: nasapower 4.0.11

  • 1. @DPIRD-FSI
  • 2. iowa State University
  • 3. @ropensci


Bug fixes

  • Replaces & or | with the proper && or ||.

  • Corrects documentation titles for functions to be title case.

  • Fixes the CRAN badge in the README.

  • Updates {vcr} configuration files for testing.

Minor changes
  • Reorder README to stress that this is not the data source and should not be cited as such.

  • Tidy up minor bits-n-pieces in documentation to make it nicer, e.g. grammar corrections, using \dQuote{} rather than """ in ROxygen.

  • Uses sprintf rather than paste where possible.

  • Update {vcr} configuration and infrastructure to use .json cassettes.



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