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Published August 8, 2023 | Version 1.0.9
Software Open

samapriya/awesome-gee-community-datasets: Community Catalog


The awesome-gee-community-catalog consists of community-sourced geospatial datasets made available for use by the larger Google Earth Engine community and shared publicly as Earth Engine assets. The project was started with the idea that a lot of research datasets are often unavailable for direct use and require preprocessing before use. This catalog lives and serves alongside the Google Earth Engine data catalog and also houses datasets often requested by the community under a variety of open licenses.

Go to the catalog to explore more:

You can read about the history and how this project started in the Medium Post article here

Release frequency will be monthly for now

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Changelog : You can find the running changelog here Updated 2023-08-08

Updated 2023-07-20

Updated 2023-07-04

Updated 2023-06-30

Updated 2023-06-19

Updated 2023-06-07



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