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Effect of Ovality on the Buckling Behavior of Thin-Walled Liquid-Filled Conical Tanks

  • 1. Department of Civil Engineering, Aksum University, Aksum, Ethiopia,


Abstract: This study investigates the influence of ovality on the buckling behavior of thin-walled liquid-filled conical tanks through comprehensive numerical simulations. The structural stability of conical tanks is of paramount importance in various engineering applications, such as storage vessels and aerospace structures. However, the presence of ovality, characterized by deviations from perfect circularity, can significantly affect the structural response and integrity of these tanks. To explore the effects of ovality, a finite element analysis (FEA) approach is employed, considering various ovality levels in the tank geometry. A comprehensive parametric study is conducted, varying key parameters such as tank dimensions, material properties, and liquid filling levels. The buckling behavior of the tanks is assessed by examining critical buckling loads and corresponding deformation modes. Results from the numerical simulations reveal that even small levels of ovality can substantially reduce the buckling load capacity of conical tanks. As ovality increases, the onset of buckling occurs at lower applied loads, leading to premature structural failure. The presence of liquid filling further exacerbates the buckling phenomenon, with the liquid sloshing effect amplifying the structural response. The study also investigates the influence of different materials on the buckling behavior of conical tanks subjected to ovality. It is found that the material stiffness and yield strength play a crucial role in determining the critical buckling load and mode shape. Furthermore, the effect of liquid fill level is explored, demonstrating that higher fill levels increase the vulnerability to buckling.


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