Published June 21, 2023 | Version v1
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EOSC Austria Annual Activity Report 2022/2023

  • 1. Bierens
  • 2. Budroni
  • 3. Flicker
  • 4. Giroletti
  • 5. Guba
  • 6. Hanslik
  • 7. Hasani-Mavriqi
  • 8. Jean-Quartier
  • 9. Krauss
  • 10. Rainer
  • 11. Sánchez
  • 12. Saurugger
  • 13. Vohland


We are proud to present to you the EOSC Austria Annual Activity report 2022/2023 of the Austrian Mandated Organisation and EOSC Support Office Austria (EOSC SOA), describing our achievements in 2022 and the status quo in June 2023. Since the start of the Austrian EOSC Mandated Organisation and the EOSC Support Office Austria (EOSC SOA), many activities have been undertaken to ensure that the Austrian perspective will be considered with respect to the strategic development of research infrastructures on the European level of the European Open Science Cloud.

The Activity report is to provide a so-called “moment of truth” and was submitted to the Austrian Federal Ministry for Ministry for Education Science and Research (BMBWF). It describes all the activities that took place directly in the EOSC Support Office Austria at national level and partially covers those processes that are directly related to the international activities of the Austrian EOSC mandate organization.


20230612_EOSC Austria_Activity_Report 22_23_final.pdf

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