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Published April 30, 2023 | Version CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
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Analysis on Disasters Caused by Climatic Changes in Nature

  • 1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain Global Campus, Bangalore (Karnataka), India.
  • 2. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain Global Campus, Bangalore (Karnataka), India


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  • 1. Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jain Global Campus, Bangalore (Karnataka), India.


Abstract: On Earth, humans are not the only living beings who are living and there is a lot of wrongdoing by humans on Earth. As our body works, the earth also works. In our body, if we have some disease or something else our immune system starts working, in the same way, the earth has some effects of our human actions like pollution deforestation, and all other harms which we do to nature which affect the flow of nature in corresponding ways like climate change which causes natural disaster to form on our earth which cannot be controlled by humans. Due to heavy rain in the oceans water level gets more and more and we have tsunamis due to high wind we have cyclones that tear apart anything that gets in their way. These are all caused by different climate conditions. These climate conditions can be determined by their parameters like humidity, wind, temperature, etc. These affect the climate to change in a drastic way which leads to natural disaster formation. This four our daily life as it is and destroys anything in their ways. Let's check some of those parameters in detail and some disasters which had happened due to those climate changes.


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