Published May 31, 2023 | Version 1.0
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Data Management Plan, Final version


This deliverable presents the final version of the Data Management Plan, which is directly connected with the work performed under tasks T10.1 – “Project coordination and management” and T10.2 - “T10.2 – Scientific & Technical MGT”, in the context of WP10 – “Project Coordination and Quality Assurance”. It serves as the final plan for the collection, organisation, storing and sharing of the knowledge and data created within the project. The described data management plan is formulated based on several inputs, namely: a) the SnR Description of Action (DOA) document, b) the European Commission guidelines for data management of H2020 research projects and c) the input from the project consortium members.
The document contains the appropriate methodologies, tools and repositories for data management and dissemination of all available information generated by the SnR project. Such information includes, but is not limited to, scientific publications issued by the project’s consortium members, Open-Source software components along with the generated source code, simulation datasets, anonymous user statistics, project deliverables, etc.
Most of this information is openly accessed and is compliant to EC’s Horizon 2020 guidelines and regulations regarding Open Research Data. For this reason, a descriptive template has been formulated, based on the FAIR principles, which was followed by all datasets during their lifetime and was updated if there was need.
Finally, it is important to underline that the current deliverable is the final version of a living document which was continuously adapted depending on the needs of the project research and development objectives and based on the direct input from members of the consortium and actual system users.


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