Published May 3, 2023 | Version 1
Journal article Open

Delay-Sensitive Wireless Content Delivery: An Interpretable Artificial Intelligence Approach

  • 1. i2CAT Foundation
  • 2. Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
  • 3. Polytechnic University of Marche


The COVID-19 emergency has made the consumption of multimedia content skyrocket in all contexts, including education. Many universities leverage hybrid learning models, in which students join a real-time video session via Wi-Fi from several classrooms to ensure safety and social distancing. This is creating a significant strain on the wireless access network, which is required to deliver an unusually high level of traffic. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions have emerged as a way to make networks easier to control and to manage. However, their black box nature and in general their fire and forget approach has generated considerable skepticism over the entire value chain, from vendors to network administrators. This situation has led to a new interest in interpretable AI solutions, which aim at making the decisions taken by AI/ML models intelligible to a domain expert. In this article, we review the concept of interpretable AI and analyze the challenges, requirements, and benefits it can bring to delay-sensitive content delivery in 802.11 Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, we apply these requirements to a use case in which we focus on advanced Quality of Service (QoS) provision, and we propose an interpretable and low-complexity ML model that addresses those requirements. The results demonstrate performance gains up to 60% in the sensitive traffic and up to 20% at network-wide level.



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