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Published April 29, 2023 | Version 2023-04-29
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Ribbon map of the Mekong

  • 1. Aalto University


This is a ribbon map of the Mekong river, inspired by 19th century river length comparisons and the Father of Waters, a ribbon map for Mississippi steam boat captains. The map "straightens" the Mekong river into an elongated map of ~550 cm in length and 19 cm in width by cutting and re-orienting the river course to fit within the bounds. 

The map starts from the river mouth in Vietnam at the bottom, and reaches the source of the river in Tibet at the top. It contains many interesting features and pieces of information on the culture and geography of the region.

If you have any comments on the contents, or wish to add something, please let me know at This is the first "finished" version but I'm keen to keep working with it. 



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