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Published April 21, 2023 | Version v1.2-8.16
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MetaCoq 1.2 for Coq 8.16

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We are happy to announce release 1.2 of the MetaCoq project for Coq 8.16, available both as source and through opam. See the website for a detailed overview of the project, introductory material and related articles and presentations.

The main changes in this new version are (w.r.t. v1.1.1):

  • A cleaned-up abstract environment structure for the implementation of the verified type-checker and cleaned-up canonicity and consistency theorems by @tabareau.
  • A new quotation library with a work-in-progress proof of Löb's theorem by @JasonGross.
  • An integration of the typed erasure phase of the ConCert project by @annenkov and @mattam82. Beware, adaptation of the correctness proof is not finished and it is not integrated in the extracted pipeline of MetaCoq Erase yet.
  • Reorganization of the packages, separating plugins from theories by @tabareau.

MetaCoq integrates Template-Coq, a reification and denotation plugin for Coq terms and global declarations, a Template monad for metaprogramming (including the ability to extract these metaprograms to OCaml for efficiency), a formalisation of Coq's calculus PCUIC in Coq, a relatively efficient, sound and complete type checker for PCUIC, a verified type and proof erasure procedure from PCUIC to untyped lambda calculus and a quotation library. MetaCoq provides a low-level interface to develop certified plugins like translations, compilers or tactics in Coq itself.

You can install MetaCoq directly from sources or using opam install coq-metacoq. This release will be included in an upcoming Coq Platform.

The current release includes several subpackages, which can be compiled and installed separately if desired:

  • the utils library contains extensions to the standard library (notably for reasoning with All/All-n type-valued predicates) (in directory utils, and as coq-metacoq-utils).
  • the common libraries of basic definitions for the abstract syntax trees shared by multiple languages (common, coq-metacoq-common)
  • the Template-Coq quoting library and plugin (template-coq / coq-metacoq-template)
  • a formalisation of meta-theoretical properties of PCUIC, the calculus underlying Coq (pcuic / coq-metacoq-pcuic)
  • a verified equivalence between Template-Coq and PCUIC typing (in directory template-pcuic and as coq-metacoq-template-pcuic)
  • a total verified type-checker for Coq (safechecker / coq-metacoq-safechecker), usable inside Coq.
  • a plugin interfacing with the extracted type-checker in OCaml, providing the MetaCoq SafeCheck <term> command (safechecker-plugin, coq-metacoq-safechecker-plugin)
  • a verified type and proof erasure function for Coq (erasure / coq-metacoq-erasure), usable inside Coq.
  • a plugin interfacing with the extracted erasure pipeline in OCaml, providing the MetaCoq Erase <term> command (erasure-plugin, coq-metacoq-erasure-plugin)
  • a quoting library, allowing the quotation of terms and type derivations along with associated data structures as ASTs/terms (quotation / coq-metacoq-quotation).
  • a set of example translations from Type Theory to Type Theory (translation/ coq-metacoq-translations).

A good place to start are the files demo.v, safechecker_test.v, erasure_test.v in the test-suite directory.

MetaCoq is developed by Abhishek Anand, Danil Annenkov, Jakob Botsch Nielsen, Simon Boulier, Cyril Cohen, Yannick Forster, Jason Gross, Meven Lennon-Bertrand, Kenji Maillard, Gregory Malecha, Matthieu Sozeau, Nicolas Tabareau, and Théo Winterhalter. You are welcome to contribute by opening issues and PRs. A MetaCoq Zulip stream is also available.

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