Published April 18, 2023 | Version v1
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Deliverable 5.4: Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability of Results V3

  • 1. webLyzard (WLT)
  • 2. Centrum Cyfrowe
  • 3. KU Leuven
  • 4. Platoniq
  • 5. Europeana Foundation
  • 6. ICCU
  • 7. CHT / Absiskey
  • 8. Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC)
  • 9. NEMO


This deliverable is the third and final iteration of the inDICEs Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability. It presents a concrete strategy for the uptake of the project’s results by various stakeholders who will use and further build on them. The consortium has identified eight key exploitable assets that encapsulate the research findings and innovations produced during the course of the project. They can be divided into two categories: (i) Knowledge Assets: Policy and Legal Recommendations, Community Resources for Participatory Activities, Datasets, MOOC; and (ii) Technological Assets: inDICEs Open Observatory (including the Participatory Space and the Self-Assessment Tool), Visual Analytics Dashboard, Extensions to the Decidim Open Source Software.
The focus of this document is to outline a concrete and realistic approach for the exploitation and sustainability of each asset, including the resources required for their maintenance and partner responsibilities. It draws upon the commitment of individual inDICEs consortium partners to actively use the results in future activities as well as the relationships established with external parties who have shown interest in building upon the project’s activities.


D5.4_ Plan for Exploitation and Sustainability of Results v3.pdf

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