Published April 18, 2023 | Version v1
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Deliverable 4.6: Development and Integration of CHI's Self Assessment Tool

  • 1. Platoniq
  • 2. KU Leuven


  • 1. ICCU


This deliverable focuses on the development and integration of the CHIs Self Assessment Tool initially conceived of in WP3 in Deliverable D3.2. The Self Assessment Tool (SAT) was first envisioned as an interactive resource where cultural heritage practitioners might learn how to ‘convert digital ambitions into digital strategies’ as well as gather data to evaluate their own performance. Concretely, the blueprint for the concept from WP3 would use a survey that covered specific thematic areas such as ‘Embracing Digital Trends and Participatory Culture’ and ‘Empowering IPR for the Commons’ and then based on the answers of the participants the tool would then provide participants with recommendations and enable them to see how their answers compare with the larger cultural heritage sector.


D4.6_Development and Integration of CHI’s Self Assessment Tool.pdf

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