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Foundations of Physics (Critical View): Quantum Mechanics

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The proposed book consists of two parts and is devoted to the systematic analysis of quantum mechanics and the modern theory of electromagnetic phenomena. Some inaccuracies of the application of mathematics in theoretical physics are discussed. This first part examines in detail the basic concepts of quantum mechanics, its apparatus, methods and applications and demonstrates their groundlessness, and often the internal inconsistency of the most common version of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. The book contains a critical analysis of the experiments underlying this theory. All this together proves that the generally accepted version of quantum mechanics is a temporary construction, and the creation of a new consistent theory of the microcosm is required. The book also discusses some alternative ideas applicable to the microcosm.

This book may be useful for students, postgraduates, teachers, scientific and technical workers and anyone interested in the basics of physics.

To the English version of the book. This is an English translation of the Russian version of the book. Quotations were also translated from Russian-language publications (therefore, for English-language works they are not a literal original, but they convey the essence of the quotations). However, references to pages or chapters have been corrected for the indicated English-language sources. 



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