Published September 9, 2022 | Version v1
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3D Structural Characterization and Performance Assessment of Lime-cement Mortars During Salt Damage

  • 1. Ghent University, Dept. Geology
  • 2. Ghent University, Magnel-Vandepitte Laboratory, Dept. of Structural Engineering and Building Materials


Six lime-cement mortar mixtures were created to compare their structural properties and study their durability after being contaminated with a 5% NaCl solution. NaCl is a common salt found in modern buildings causing an efflorescence effect and thereby impacting not only the aesthetics of the walls, but also influence the internal structures by subflorescence, triggering serious damage and eventual failure. To have a better understanding of the salt crystallization in lime-cement mortars, 3D micro-computed tomography models were obtained before and after salt contamination and during accelerated aging of the lime-based mortars to analyze and compare the 3D micro-structures and the resulting salt crystallization in a non-destructive way. This was validated by the physical and chemical characterization of each mixture and their byproducts by means of SEM-EDX, XRD and MIP.



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