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ARDC 2023 Skills Summit Lightning Talks (Day 2 - February 10, 2023)

  • 1. The University of Auckland
  • 2. Australian Biocommons
  • 3. University of Sydney
  • 4. Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre


Presentations to the ARDC Skills Summit 2023 (Lightning Talks Day 2 - February 10th, 2023)
Dr Nisha Ghatak - From local to the global: NeSI's efforts in building digital skills capabilities across Aotearoa
Dr Melissa Burke - No one has time for training. Is doing less the answer?
Dr Giorgia Mori - Industry training collaborations. Is this the future?
Ann Backhaus - Skills pathways for developing the research workforce - status quo or let's get creative?

These presentations cover a national perspective of New Zealand's digital skills capability and partnerships, The Carpentries, bioinformatics training, innovative and cooperative training approaches, industry-partnered training, learner pathways, and the importance of user guidance.


"Speaker bios: Dr. Nisha Ghatak is a Training Lead at New Zealand eScience Infrastructure (NeSI). Her role as a Regional Coordinator and Executive Council member of the Carpentries allows her to bring together researchers across institutions nationally, while recognising their needs for capability development. Dr Melissa Burke is the Australian BioCommons Training and Communications Officer where she works with the bioinformatics training community and subject matter experts to design, develop and deliver bioinformatics webinars and workshops. She has worked internationally as a training professional at EMBL-EBI and as a scientific researcher. She has a PhD in Molecular Parasitology. Dr Giorgia Miori did her PhD in Microbiology in Italy and she soon found herself in need of digital skills for completing her research project. At that time, her Uni couldn't offer her the necessary resources for filling this skill gap and she needed to teach herself, with self-study and attendance at workshops across Europe and online, all self-funded. After successfully completing her PhD, she started working as a bioinformatician for the European Institute of Oncology. She then moved to Australia, working as a Senior Research Officer at UQ, where she has been using her newly acquired skills for solving research questions. Here in Australia she came into contact with communities such as the Carpentries, the hacky hour, ResBaz, RLadies and PyLadies, supporting the representation of gender minorities in the programming community. She is now a Carpentries instructor and a Data Science Trainer at the Sydney Informatics Hub, hoping to make her contribution in promoting the importance of digital skills in research. Ann Backhaus is the Education and Training Manager at Pawsey. Ann has significant experience in adult teaching and learning, as well as training project and program design, development and management. She has worked in and experimented with a variety of modalities and approaches for training and documentation in technical and technology areas, including most recently HPC. She has deep and broad experience in online and blended learning. Her experience spans numerous industries and sectors, including government, academia, and private enterprise."



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