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ARDC 2023 Skills Summit Lightning Talks (Day 1 - February 9, 2023)

  • 1. University of Melbourne
  • 2. Intersect
  • 3. ARDC
  • 4. QCIF


Presentations to the ARDC Skills Summit 2023 (Lightning Talks Day 1 - February 9th, 2023)
Dr Pablo Franco - Assessing the effectiveness of training: Teaching digital skills to researchers
Aidan Wilson - Scaling training operations & succession planning
Dr Paula Martinez - Building community
Dr Mark Crowe - Bringing training to research communities - ResBaz
Liz Stokes - The Carpentries Partnership

These presentations cover theoretical frameworks for assessing training, The Kirkpatrick Model of Training Evaluation, outreach, RezBaz, impact assessment, training at scale, succession planning, automated training organisation systems, trainer workforce, research software community, participation models, community building ideas, visible research software interest group, The Carpentries and social infrastructure.


Speaker bios: Dr Pablo Franco is a Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Fellow at the Centre for Brain, Mind and Markets at the University of Melbourne. He has over five years of experience teaching programming and data analysis at the University, providing coding workshop to researchers (mainly R) and developing e-learning content for researchers as well as R/RStudio research community at the University of Melbourne. Aidan Wilson is Intersect's eResearch Analyst at Australian Catholic University, where his role includes administering the REDCap system, delivering user training, and supporting ACU's users with consultation and advice. In his time as eResearch Analyst he has worked across several universities with research from a diverse range of disciplines. He is also a REDCap developer, having published several External Modules, and is active in the consortium community, assisting other administrators with tips, tricks, and troubleshooting. Dr Paula Andrea Martinez is currently the Software Project Coordinator at the ARDC. Her work supports the ARDC Software Program for Australia leading to better research software recognition. She is also the Research Software Alliance Community Manager and has a trajectory of founding and supporting many communities. Dr Mark Crowe is the Skills Development Manager for QCIF in Queensland, and since 2019 has run around 350 training workshops providing digital skills training to nearly 10,000 researchers and has been a lead organiser for two ResBaz Queensland events. Liz Stokes works for the ARDC Skilled Workforce Program, focussing on the digital skills and capabilities required for Australian researchers to gain a competitive advantage through data. They champion collaborative learning communities such as ResBaz and The Carpentries, and training activities which put FAIR into practice.



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