Published March 2, 2023 | Version 1.0.0
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iHelp: Communication and Collaboration Plan and Activities I


The Communication and Collaboration Plan and Activities-I deliverable has a key role in laying down the principles for designing the communication and dissemination strategy activities to be followed throughout the project. The dissemination and communication strategy consist of spreading awareness of the project and its results, among specialists, general public and emerging stakeholders. To achieve these results, it will target diverse groups of people – depending on the specific goals, e.g., engage partners, inform a specific category of patients – through different media, so to maximize the spreading impact; and using a variety of tools, conceived and chosen based on the specific target.
As communication and dissemination activities are running in parallel with the development of all work packages, they are in sync with the process, progress and feedback that the project receives. Therefore, the activities can and should be adapted along the way. As the initial publication package submitted – with all dissemination communication activities reported – at a very early stage of the project implementation (M2), it acts mostly as a roadmap, laying down a common understanding and an overview of the communication activities that might be needed while subject to regular monitoring and adjustment.
This document will start with the purpose of the deliverable and its corelation with the other project’s deliverables and tasks, followed by the dissemination strategy and the planning of activities. We will describe iHelp dissemination channels and present promotional material and online promotion strategies.



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