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Published February 28, 2023 | Version 1.5
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avaframe/AvaFrame: Version 1.5


The parallel release. This adds parallel computation for com1DFA, meaning multiple simulations are run in parallel. For more information see our documentation. Be aware, there is a breaking change in case you call com1DFA functions directly: the calls to com1DFAMain changed; there is one less argument to give.

  • Add info about parallel computation in doc [com1DFA]
  • rename s to travelLengthXY [ana4AIMEC]
  • particle properties renaming:
    • s -> travelLengthXY
    • l -> travelLengthXYZ
  • set kernelradius to cellsize for default settings [com1DFA]
  • Add parallel computation of com1DFACore [com1DFA]
  • Remove redundant argument from com1DFA functions [com1DFA] !Breaking change!!
  • Drop log to debug in pyx files; problem with QGIS!
  • Add run from multiple cfg
  • Turned off writing of damfootline since it is not threadsafe
  • update probrun with drawing from full sample
  • Fix mac parallel; fixes
  • Change the main of runOperational and runcom5glide snow in preparation for next connector release
  • Add a latestSims.csv to com1DFA configuration output; needed for the qgis connector
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