Published February 13, 2023 | Version v1
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Describing the practical – equity and parity in metadata for practice research

  • 1. Jisc
  • 2. University of Westminster
  • 3. Cayuse
  • 4. British Library


We will describe our recent work on evolving a metadata schema within a repository that includes rich support for practice research and detailing the contributions of all those involved in the work. This work was performed in a co-production with researchers and infrastructure stakeholders.

Key findings have produced recommendations including the below:

• Agreeing on and articulating a standard for sharing practice research objects will increase the perception of their value in research recognition and evaluation mechanisms, and the wider scholarly landscape. Improving their capture, preservation and discovery will underwrite an improved sharing culture in the community

• A Practice Research platform needs to be an interactive service that reflects form and function (beauty) and enables discoverability, citation and preservation of practice research. It must be embedded in the community and the digital spaces that they work within

Addressing these recommendations will ensure a better environment for all research, not just practice.

Following on from describing the project and these recommendations we will facilitate a discussion on capturing the attendees’ own perspectives and experiences to further enrich approaches and inform work arising from relevant initiatives

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  • How do we ensure there is a pragmatic synthesis from the rich descriptive information in A&H repositories to a common ontology in global metadata?
  • How do we ensure metadata schema embrace parity for all research, across disciplines?
  • How do we take these schema and enable repositories to be places where research is preserved, accessed, discovered, and most importantly, used and built upon?


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