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Algorithm-Aided Structural-Optimization Strategies for the Design of Variable Cross-Section Beams

  • 1. Politecnico di Bari
  • 2. National Technical University of Athens


The optimization of important structural components - such as beams - has always represented a crucial challenge in architectural and structural design, especially considering how the optimization of certain components often involves the loss of control of structural shapes. In this scientific contribution, an analytical model for shape optimization is presented. The shape opti-mization of the test-case, a variable-section beam, is modelled and optimized using two different ap-proaches and solvers: i) MATLAB-GA®, a stochastic, population-based algorithm that randomly searches the optimal solution among population members, by mutation and crossover operators; ii) Gh-Octopus®, a Multi-Objective Evolutionary Optimization solver, which allows the production of opti-mized trade-off solutions between the extremes of each goal, able to support designers in decision mak-ing. The methods combine Computational Geometry and Parametric Design and allow control of the shapes of structural elements while increasing structural performance.
The good accordance between the results retrieved by the numerical model implemented on MATLAB-GA® with the numerical model implemented using Gh-Octopus® allowed the validation of the analyt-ical method presented in this contribution.


presented at the conference Conceptual Design of Structures 2021, International fib Symposium, Switzerland, September 16-18 2021



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