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Published December 19, 2022 | Version v1
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Design Thinking in e-culture crowdsourcing platform

  • 1. Hypertech S.A.


The worth and benefits of the Design Thinking approach in the last decade keep growing and spreading across various fields that traditionally weren’t even considered to be part of the new digital era. But, as the trends and consumer needs are ever-changing, design thinking was tested in the e-culture as well, with more than positive results. One such case was also the 2gether project, which based its design and development of the MOMus crowdsourcing platform on the Design Thinking ideology and its framework. Following the user-centric approach to problem-solving the platform was designed to require the users’ active participation in order to re-establish what it means to communicate with an art audience and promote cultural heritage in the digital era. 


This research was funded by the General Secretariat for Research and Innovation, Greece, under the call "Special Actions Aquaculture - Industrial Materials - Open Innovation In Culture" (24485-28/2/2020) with a project name "2gether: Participatory and Experiential Labs for the Production and Promotion of Contemporary Art" (Project ID T6YBP-00510, ).


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