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Report on safety and security issues of emergency and crisis management field actors


In the process of designing, testing and validating the products and technologies within the S&R project, creating a safe and secure environment for first responders is a must. This is all the more so since first responders represent a significant financial, technological and moral investment, both in terms of level of training and duration.
The purpose of the D2.4 deliverable is to increase emergency personnel (with priority for first responders) awareness by providing important considerations, relevant risks for the project Use Cases and mitigation measures that aims to improve participants' understanding, knowledge and skills in operational and strategic safety and security management so that they can be better prepared for field operations and also act as security advisers in a response team, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to act appropriately on safety regulations.
Major relevant lessons and training material covering the thematic of the project Use Cases are also provided through an e-learning platform that has been developed as part of T2.4.
To this end, Chapter 1 (Literature review), subchapter 1.1 (Task Overview and scope) and subchapter 1.2 (Literature review process), summarizes the relevant specialist documents in the field of safety and security for first responders in the event of natural or man-made disasters.
Chapter 2 (Glossary of terms) defines the specialist terms used in the deliverable D2.4, in order to avoid misunderstandings or misunderstandings, taking into account the different approaches that exist in the legislation of EU countries.
In Chapter 3 (General considerations about S&R environment) analyzes risks and hazards where response team personnel conducting SAR and support activities are exposed to.
Following a catastrophe, rescue workers and emergency responders are the first to arrive on the scene, often in unfamiliar surroundings and adverse weather conditions, ready to save lives and secure the environment to help protect the lives of those to follow. Rescue workers and emergency responders may be involved in emergency medical operations involving victim rescue or body recovery around piles of rubble and other debris, collapsed structures or near structural steel.
Therefore, in subchapters 3.1-3.3 we analyzed Safety risks, External risks - related to incident environment, Internal risks - related to correct use of equipment.
Chapter 4 (UC analysis in terms of risks for safety and security of for first responders) analyzes the usefulness of using the risk matrix in the analysis of risks for safety and security of first responders (see subchapter 4.1 - Risk Identification - risk matrix regarding safety and security of first responder) and, based on questionnaires completed by end users of the S&R project (see Annex II), addressing the specifics of first responder through an online training platform aiming at ensuring their safety and security depending on the grouping by type of disaster of the scenarios of each UC (see subchapter 4.2 - Scenario description from a first responders safety and security perspective).
Chapter 5 (Risk mitigations regarding safety and security for first responders by online platform training) analyzes and proposes a MOODLE type e-learning platform (for text only training without the help of a trainer) for the first response in terms of safety and security (see subchapter 5.1) and the development of training materials (see model in Annex III) and organization of online platform training courses for first responder, both at operational level (see 5.2.1) and at strategic level (see 5.2.2). Annexes IV, V and VI include both computer-based and trainer-led courses (including text only) in order to provide the possibility to first responders in the S&R project for obtaining benefit and relevant training both from the computer-based content in the MOODLE e-platform and trainers that will be available on site for providing relevant training prior to the operationalization of a Use Case.


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