Published June 30, 2022 | Version v1
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Citizens and volunteer organisations involvement in Crisis Management


This deliverable focuses on Citizens and volunteer organisations involvement in Crisis Management and how they deal with the fact that during a disaster situation, many volunteers want to help. These voluntary work forces have to be registered and applied in accordance with regular staff members and relief units. In addition, for an efficient and fast resource and mission planning there is the need for precise and resilient data of the affected area.
It investigates the processes, procedures and communication framework to involve volunteer organisations (e.g., doctors, paramedics, volunteer groups etc.). It also considers the use of mobile applications, social media and other software which enables an efficient management of volunteers.
Management and application volunteers together with regular staff and relief units, mission and resource planning, validity checks for every case of assistance, requirements for volunteer deployment (such as insurance, food, accommodation, responsibilities, special abilities of a volunteer (Driver, diver, crane operator) and deployment limitations (e.g., max work hours or heavy gear for a particular task) are also considered.


SnR_D2.5 - Citizens and volunteer organisations involvement in Crisis Management_v1.00.pdf

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