Published November 1, 2022 | Version v1
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S&R Pilot Implementation and Evaluation Report 1st version


The aim of T8.3 is an overall assessment and evaluation of the SnR pilots as well as their
improvement. Hence, this report D8.10 includes lessons learnt from the first two use cases that have
already completed the exercise execution including the testing and evaluation of SnR technologies.
The recommendations for pilot improvement draw primarily on UC1 (April 2022, Italy) and UC5 (June
2022, France). D8.10 incorporates experiences from UC organisers, project-internal and -external
participants from the evaluation materials provided to JOAFG. On the one hand, feedback on the
technologies tested is presented, on the other hand, direct experiences from the exercises and
recommendations for future use cases are given.
Two use cases performed do not allow for providing comprehensive evaluation results, but the
evaluation of the first two exercises gives deep insight into the challenges and opportunities of
technology tests in the framework of large-scale first responder exercises.
D8.10 is structured as follows: In chapter 1.1 the link of D8.10 to other work packages and relation to
other documents is outlined. Chapter 2 gives an overview of the aims and objectives of the project
and the SnR use cases as well as IFAFRI capability gaps addressed. Chapter 3 gives an overview of
the use cases in the project focusing on UC1 and UC5. Chapter 4 outlines the evaluation design
employed. Chapters 5 and 6 focus on the evaluated use cases and end with lessons learned from the
UC. Chapter 7 summarizes the report and provides recommendations for possible improvements in
future use cases, and finally chapter 8 gives a brief outlook on the next use cases.


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