Published January 9, 2023 | Version v1
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Requirements on Information Models for Smart Road Services

  • 1. ANDATA GmbH
  • 2. ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH


Smart road services and automated driving are relatively young and highly dynamic fields of development. Standardization and harmonization efforts are driven by different stakeholders in the industry and many of the existing works address the development and safety of automated driving functions. However, the vast complexity and the international dimension of the endeavour of automated driving in general, and the complexity of individual tasks to be automated make it necessary that promising efforts converge towards a widely accepted, applicable and relatively stable framework for joint development. Towards this vision, this work argues that for smart road services, communication between participants at the information level (as opposed to data or signal levels of the DIKW pyramid) is most advantageous. An information model that describes all conceivably relevant information for smart road services must be developed. To this end, a list of requirements that such an information model should meet is proposed and each requirement is argued for. Lastly, it is shown that and in what way the road infrastructure can support automated driving, assuming a suitable information model exists



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