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Published December 7, 2022 | Version v5
Dataset Open

Wiki-based Knowledge about Demographics and Outstanding Members

  • 1. Max Planck Institute for Informatics
  • 2. The University of Edinburgh


These datasets contains statements about demographic factors and outstanding members from Wiki-based knowledge (i.e., Wikipedia and Wikidata). 

Group-centric dataset (sample of what is it about):

  • Demographic factors of winners of Nobel Prize in Physics include: male, physicist, american, university teacher, and researcher. Outstanding members in this group include Maria Curie (who isn't male but female) and Wilhelm Röntgen (who isn't a citizen of the U.S. but Germany).

Subject-centric dataset (sample of what is it about):

  • Fun trivia about Max Planck include: unlike 93% of winners of Liebig Medal (an award by Society of German Chemists), Planck was not a chemist, but a physicist.

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