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Deliverable 4.3 – Database and Service Layers Architecture V2

  • 1. webLyzard technology
  • 1. Platoniq
  • 2. NISV
  • 3. Europeana Foundation


This deliverable provides the second and final report covering the database and service layers. Together, these layers form the Open Observatory including (1) the Participatory Space, the collaborative environment developed in Task 4.2, (2) the Self Assessment Tool
(SAT) as well as (3) the Visual Analytics Dashboard developed in Task 4.3. In addition to presenting technical details of the frontend components’ final implementation, D4.3 also outlines the inDICEs API Framework that is used for intra- and inter-platform communication.

The following Section 2 summarises the final System Architecture for data ingestion and data sharing between the inDICEs repositories and the services hosted by webLyzard, and the Decidim Participatory Space application of Platoniq. Section 3 then provides updates on the Participatory Space, highlighting the development of the Self Assessment Tool along with the developments of Platoniq to improve participant experience and the administrator tools. Subsequently, Section 4 introduces the new features of the Visual Analytics Dashboard (VAD), including both a PRO and a LITE version, and shows the integration of the latter into the Participatory Space in order to tie all components of the Open Observatory together. The last section summarises the current status and gives an outlook on further ideas and plans that emerged from the collaborative work in inDICEs.


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