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Summary of Deliverables 2.1 and 2.2 Intellectual Property Rights for CHIs in the Digital Single Market - a comparative analysis


Our goals within the inDICEs project are, first of all, to provide an in-depth overview of the IP legal framework which is relevant for the activities of CHIs. Secondly, we aim at delivering a comprehensive assessment of the current and upcoming framework for CHIs. Third, our ultimate goal is to evaluate whether the current framework impedes or enhances the CHIs’ activities in the Digital Single Market while providing recommendations to policy and lawmakers.

Our two first deliverables focused on providing an overview - D2.1 ‘Mapping of the relevant European IP legal framework’ – and a comparative analysis in selected Member States - D2.2 ‘Legal comparative analysis for multi-level relationship involving CHIs’, of the current relevant IP rules that impact CHIs’ activities in the Digital Single Market. Both deliverables are embedded in Task 2.1: Comparative analysis of the applicable European IP legal framework to CHIs in the DSM. In these deliverables we review the IP provisions relevant for the activities of CHIs at the EU level and within the following jurisdictions: Belgium, France, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Sweden. Special attention has been given to the recently adopted CDSM Directive, provisions of which are being currently implemented by EU Member States.


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