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Published January 15, 2023 | Version 3.1
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HETDEX Public Source Catalog 1: 220 K Sources including over 50K Lyman Alpha Emitters From an Untargeted Wide-area Spectroscopic Survey


We present the first publicly released catalog of sources obtained from the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment (HETDEX). HETDEX is an integral field spectroscopic survey designed to measure the Hubble expansion parameter and angular diameter distance at 1.88 < z < 3.52 by using the spatial distribution of more than a million Lyα-emitting galaxies over a total target area of 540 deg2. The catalog comes from contiguous fiber spectra coverage of 25 deg2 of sky from January 2017 through June 2020, where object detection is performed through two complementary detection methods: one designed to search for line emission and the other a search for continuum emission.  The HETDEX public release catalog is dominated by emission-line galaxies and includes 51,863 Lyα-emitting galaxy (LAE) identifications and 123,891 [O II]-emitting galaxies at z < 0.5. Also included in the catalog are 37,916 stars, 5,274 low-redshift (z < 0.5) galaxies without emission lines, and 4,976 active galactic nuclei. The catalog provides sky coordinates, redshifts, line identifications, classification information, line fluxes, [O II] and Lyα line luminosities where applicable, and spectra for all identified sources processed by the HETDEX detection pipeline. Extensive testing demonstrates that HETDEX redshifts agree to within ∆z < 0.02, 96.1% of the time to those in external spectroscopic catalogs.  We measure the photometric counterpart fraction in deep ancillary Hyper Suprime-Cam imaging and find that only 55.5% of the LAE sample has an r-band continuum counterpart down to a limiting magnitude of r ∼ 26.2 mag (AB) indicating that an LAE search of similar sensitivity with photometric pre-selection would miss nearly half of the HETDEX LAE catalog sample.

Two catalogs make up HETDEX Source Catalog 1:
    1. The Source Observation Table: hetdex_sc1_vX.dat/.fits/.ecsv
       With SPECTRA arrays included: hetdex_sc1_spec_vX.fits
        One row per source observation. The table provides basic coordinates/redshift/source information for each observation of a unique astornomical source. The larger file hetdex_sc1_spec_vX.fits contains the same info from the first table plus addition data units of spectral array data.
    2. The Detection Information Table: hetdex_sc1_detinfo_vX.fits
        One row per line or continuum detection. Bright sources can be comprised of multiple line or continuum emission. This catalog provides specific detection information such as line parameter info (S/N, line flux, line width)

    3. Jupyter Notebook with access example: HETDEX_source_catalog_1.ipynb/.pdf/.html



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